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Qué hacemos

Vectalia Services consists of a team of specialized professionals. The company forms a six-division strategic business structure that provides complete and cost-effective, need-based solutions. We guarantee the quality of our services through permanent communication and supervision. Vectalia Services will enable your company to outsource costs to optimize project time and profitability.  The desire and spirit to continuously improve is an ever-present characteristic of our group, as we seek excellence in our client relationships and provide all required certifications and monitoring in the quality processes.

Facility Services, qué hacemos

Unidades de negocio

Auxiliary Services

Access control, receptionists, telephone operators, hostesses or parking control with closeness, friendliness and professionalism so you can be carefree of all these aspects for your company or event. Leave the protocol and the image in our hands.


With almost 30 years of experience in the cleaning of all kinds of facilities and means of transport and a great human team, formed by professionals with ample knowledge in the sector, Vectalia bets for the latest technological innovations in the market In cleaning processes.

Consultoría en Bioseguridad

Debido a las necesidades recientes derivadas de la crisis mundial del COVID-19 Vectalia y Labaqua unen sus esfuerzos para colaborar juntas para sumar fiabilidad y los más altos estándares en el servicio de consultoría en bioseguridad e higiene ambiental. Referentes en análisis de SARS-CoV-2 mediante RT–qPCR.

Maintenance of facilities

Accomplishment of the tasks necessary to achieve an optimum performance of the different installations and buildings betting by a computerized management (GMAO). In addition, Vectalia also has qualified technical personnel for advising and carrying out works and renovations.

Pests and gardening

We design, build and maintain all kinds of gardens and green spaces balanced and sustainable. With our pest control you will always ensure the wellbeing in your environment and the tranquility that we always operate in the shortest possible time to guarantee your satisfaction.


Events, large areas or public and private buildings have the vigilance and protection of Vectalia thanks to its professionals and the latest technological advances that operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for your safety.

Continuous improvement forms part of our value system, we are in constant communication with our customers.

Seguridad Vectalia
With six office in Spain's most important cities and more than 1,500 professionals, Vectalia Services is the ideal complement for your project.