Vectalia, a single brand name that integrates transport and service companies associated to SuBús

Vectalia, a single brand name that integrates transport and service companies associated to SuBús

IFA stages the event where the new high-end coaches entering the Alicante’s fleet were introduced

Alicante. (17-12-2010). Vectalia is the new brand name for the Subús Group, a company holding integrating all the companies managed by the Arias family. The new corporate image has been introduced this morning at the Institución Ferial Alicantina (IFA) in an event that has attracted the main political, social and corporate representatives of Alicante and the Community of Valencia.

Also, this company, whose main business core is the passenger mobility management, has introduced in this event 24 new Mercedes and Man high-end units to be incorporated to the Alicante’s public and private service coaches. The investment amounts, approximately, to six million Euros.


The main purpose of creating this new corporate identity is to define an up-to-date and innovative market approach. Such new identity, in words of the Vectalia’s President, Joaquín Arias, “summarizes the philosophy of a family company which has grown up under the society’s traditional values in order to improve its service to citizens”.


Vectalia, an undisputable reference operator in the Community of Valencia, where its headquarters are situated, means the combined development of the companies integrating it, each one of them having their own identity signs.

The group is currently made up of 36 service companies employing 2,400 people and managing a bus fleet of 700 units (356 in France). Its annual turnover is about 130 million Euros and it has 68 millions of customers and users.

The event was attended by the conseller of Infrastructures and Transports, Mr. Mario Flores, who said that “as a citizen of Alicante and also as representative of the Valencia’s Government, I’m proud to attend this event, organized by a company, established in the Community of Valencia, which is a national and international reference”.

Flores has emphasized that the new buses will not only provide a safe service but will be less polluting; these are important qualities for a public passenger transport service that guarantees the same opportunities for all people and that create a quality of life”.

The creator of Vectalia’s brand, Mr. José María Civil, a reference designer, creator of many other Works such as La Caixa, CAM, Telefónica or Suma, explained to the attendants that “Vectalia is the common denominator of all the group’s companies, preserving the values and culture owned by each one of them”.

Safety and accessibility

Mr. Raúl Cantero, manager of the Group’s bus fleet, stressed security and accessibility of the units forming the Vectalia Subús’ fleet.

As he said, “our buses are equipped with the most advanced technology in active and passive safety matters. Vehicles have EBS, ABS, ASR, BA, as well as an electronic stability application for emergency situations”.

A constant purpose in this company is the adaptation of all our vehicles to reduced mobility people, “for this reason, our buses are perfectly adapted by means of elevating platforms”, he added.

Also, these units are qualified as sustainable mobility vehicles as they “meet the Euro V rule; even Man’s models respect the EEV, i.e., are less polluting than Mercedes units”, explained the technician.

The new fleet is approved for school transport; their seats are equipped with safety belts and rear view cameras at the driver’s position.

Regarding comfort, vehicles have been designed following the maximum ergonomic criteria, both for the driver and for the passengers. The occupants enjoy an extended interior space and an efficient air conditioned system, therefore making travel a pleasure even on long trips.