Publiasa is the company of the Vectalia Group dedicated to developing marketing, advertising and communication strategies, as well as Public Relations activities and events for our group of companies as well as external clients.

Publiasa develops three main activities:

  • Advertising Agency
  • Event Organization
  • Exterior advertising Agency (Bus, subway and trams)

Since its creation in 1987, we have been a very active and dynamic company. We have been a pioneer in creativity, design, communication, marketing and events in the Community of Valencia. Our philosophy is to offer a better service at a competitive price giving priority to your needs and achieving your objectives.

Publiasa is formed by highly experienced professionals in the areas of Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Creativity, Internet… it is also part of the Group that helps Publiasa develop its transportation, catering, cleaning, security activites…

Publiasa exclusively controls the outside advertising of its entire fleet of vehicles dedicated to travelers transportation in several Spanish cities as well.

Among the services Publiasa develops are:

  • Comprehensive communication campaigns
  • Development of events, stands, fairs and congresses
  • Exclusive advertising on buses, subway and trams
  • Creative Graphic Design, Publishing and audiovisual Design
  • Planning and purchase of media
  • Large format Digital printing
  • Merchandising and gifts
  • Graphic, publishing and audiovisual production
  • Web design, Community Manager and Social Networks

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