Urban Transport1

Vectalia Group, through SuBús, brings together road passenger transportation activity in Spain; its Urban and metropolitan area transportation has the greatest relevance in the transport sector. With immense experience and a long history in the world of road passenger transportation, SuBús is, according to the concession volume, one of the main private road passenger urban transportation operators in Spain. SuBús is committed to sustainable economic and environmental mobility, considering the accessibility, safety, reliability and, in general, the quality of the service provided. This commitment is what best defines the identity of SuBús. SuBús manages urban passenger transportation in the following cities and surrounding areas, Alicante (Urban and Commuter transportation of Alicante) Albacete (Urban transportation) Cáceres (Urban transportation) Alcoy (Urban transportation) San Vicente del Raspeig (Urban transportation) Santa Pola (Urban transportation) El Campello (Urban transportation) Mutxamel (Urban transportation) Xixona (Urban transportation) For further information regarding Urban and Commuter Transportation, please visit section TAM Efficiency is one of the main features of the development of SuBús’ operations; Because of that, it is focused on reinvestment in and modernization of its bus fleets. The modernization policy of SuBús has provided a high level of service for our users. Among other modernization elements, SuBús has introduced, ContactLess Cards is a Payment Method accepted in the entire fleet of buses and supported by a wide sales point network. Operation Assistance System (S.A.E.) which allows you to locate and manage bus fleets from a control center. Passenger information terminals (TIP) on the streets. Passenger Information System through the Internet and SMS Next stop information screen on Buses. Assistance Systems for visually impaired people in Passenger Information terminals and Next Stop Information Screens. Implantation of ISO 9001:2008 rule for Quality Management in road passenger transport services. For further information, please visit www.subus.es