Metropolitan Transportation Alicante (TAM)

The TAM (Transporte Metropolitano de Alicante) is a Coordinated Metropolitan Area Transport System (SCTM), which operates in the city of Alicante and its surroundings (Alicante, El Campello, Sant Joan d’Alacant, San Vicente del Raspeig and Mutxamel) since 1999.

TAM integrates different transportation modes (bus and tram). Transportation operators from Vectalia Group (MASATUSA and ALCOYANA) are in charge of the service, which corresponds to all of the bus lines integrated in the TAM.

Resources managed by Vectalia Group within the TAM are,

  • 150 Vehicles
  • 40 Lines 
  • 30 millions of passengers
  • 8,4 millions of kilometers
  • 75 Passenger Information Terminals

The entire fleet of buses is managed in real time from a Control Center, by means of an Operation Assistance System (S.A.E), which provides the location of all the vehicles, as well as any deviation from normal parameters, allowing for a quick identification of incidents and direct interaction with drivers, if necessary.

The same Operation Assistance System automatically manages the information offered to passengers regarding waiting times, through,

  • Bus Stop Information Terminals (TIP)
  • SMS
  • Web

TAM’s bus fleet is comprised of cutting-edge vehicles incorporating the most modern systems in:

Environmental Care, through the reduction of pollutant emissions according to the most updated European rules.

Accessibility, through ramps and lowering systems, which allows access to impaired mobility impaired people.

Comfort, through a carefully designed interior space, comfortable seats and modern air-conditioning systems.

Safety, incorporating the most advanced safety systems.

One of the most significant aspects of the TAM is the use of electronic systems for payment means. Specifically, the ContactLess Card MiFare 1Kb. This allows,

  • Price integration between all operators, allowing passengers to change between different lines and operators.
  • Quick and fluid access to vehicles.
  • Greater adaptation and flexibility, in order to attend to the demand of new transportation titles required by the Transportation Networks to enhance and increase population mobility.

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