(Español) El bus urbano de Alcoy modifica sus líneas


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(Español) CFT: el socio de las administraciones locales en materia de movilidad

Each and every day of the year, all 36 municipalities are irrigated by the steady stream of public transport provided by the CTPM. It is an increasing network which needs to be increasingly competitive. This is therefore the mission of this public service.

Vectalia Transports Michau:

Crossing borders of “l’Agglo Perpignan Méditerranée”.

Commuting trips.

A company’s plan for its employees.

A company’s club to share experiences on mobility in “L’agglo Perpignan Méditerranée”.

“L’Agglo Perpignan Méditerranée” has succeeded in convincing a great number of its agents to leave their beloved vehicle at home and use the public transportation to commute. Such an experience is now made available to other employees by means of a club where they can exchange experiences and knowledge. Everyone can get involved.

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