Urban France, Regular and Discretionary

Vectalia began its activities outside of our borders in July 1998, when it won the contract for the intercity transportation management in the city of Perpignan (France).

Since then, Vectalia has progressively increased its market share in France.

Nowadays, Vectalia manages the transportation network in the following French cities:


  • Perpignan
  • Antibes (Sophia-Antipolis)
  • Cambrai
  • As well as commuter transportation in Michau

The resources managed by the Vectalia Group in France are:


325 buses

10.3 millions of travelers

13.1 millions of kilometers

855.000 hours of service


141 buses

10,4 millions of travelers

5,3 millions of km

For further information please go to the website www.cftgroupe.com