Heretat de Cesilia


The work begins at our own laboratory where we control the fruit maturation so that we can decide when it is the best moment to harvest. The grape harvest is done manually, picking the bunches in small boxes of 15kg, which avoid crushing and allows immediate delivery to the cellar where they are checked on a selection table before entering production. Different kinds of grapes are separated to preserve the bouquet, taste, characteristics and evolution of each variety.


Several technologies are applied to the production of our wines to obtain the highest standards of hygiene and quality. Fermentation deposits, up to 150Hl. made out of stainless steel with a truncated cone structure and equipped with an automatically controlled temperature system, let us extract more bouquet, color and tannin. This guarantees the optimization of the whole process of production.
Our elaborate concept is based on the maximum respect to the product.


In the cellar, during the fermentation process, we follow the same theory to obtain the best quality of our “Terroir”. The pumping is done by manually pigeage and natural gas. During the aging, we avoid movement, providing the necessary oxygen with the micro-oxygenation technique and we restrict the addition of preservatives to guarantee an unique and authentic wine: A wine with personality.


We reject the use of enzymes, yeasts and bacterias.


So the care is prevalent from the moment the grape comes into the deposits until the wine is transferred into French and American oak barrels. There, it quietly evolves until it is taken to the bottling and labeling plant which is totally done in our cellar. This aspect guarantees a high quality from the vineyard to the bottle in all our products.



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