MASATUSA was created in 1969, the year in which Alicante stopped using the tram as its method of transportation. Masatusa takes care of the transportation system inside the city, after taking over the old tram company and assuming part of its infrastructure.
Masatusa manages a network made up of 18 lines serving around 18 million travelers.
All vehicles in the fleet are equipped with air conditioning, radio stations and an integrated system of contactless validation cards.

Action plan to consolidate services:

  • Consolidation of Metropolitan Transport Coordinated System, from which we have obtained a better coordination between metropolitan area and intercity routes in Alicante.
  • Development of optimization systems and improvement of information to users.
  • Establishment of Exploitation Aid System (SAE-GPS) that allows a better management of the fleet as well as improving the information given to users.

Address and Contact:
C/ Aparisi Guijarro, 14 · 03014 · Alicante
Phone: 96 524 13 00 / 96 524 28 21 · Fax: 96 526 73 55