Greetings from President

Vectalia, a challenge for the future

I am looking at the universe of the internet to greet all those people who want to get to know the Vectalia business. A brand and image that combine our model of traveler’s mobility management, our main focus, plus several business services that have also come to life.

Vectalia emerges as a standard of reference, a guarantee, an added value that grants suitable positioning and competitiveness to our goals. It represents an immaterial and a major active with which we want to lead the national expansion and give visibility to external development.

Vectalia’s strength lies in the value of its human capital; in all its clients, both private and institutional, who have always trusted our work capacity, responsibility and efficiency, which is the most important incentive to keep improving every day.

Vectalia is a strong bet for the future as a family enterprise that has evolved from values such as constant work, honesty, and professional rigor, and spawned our growth from creativeness and an innovative sense always focused on keeping and maintaining the quality of our service being the best.

D. Joaquín Arias